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123rd Signal Bn, Wurzburg Germany

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Reunion Plans

Would anyone like to host the next reunion?????
E-Mail me if you are interested, would be glad to help anyone out
We are always looking for people from the 123rd! If you know of anyone please pass on this site to them!

Who Can Come to the Reunion

Any body associated with the 123rd Signal is welcome to join us in the reunion.Husbands, wives, children etc.


I'm sure all of us have special memories and some not so special memories of our days so long ago in Germany. CQ Duty, Field Duty and the dreaded ALERT STATUS!   The good memories are of the friends we made that are still a deep part of who we are. Lets meet up and rehash the fun and laughs!  Story telling and exaggerating the facts is allowed.

 Can You Join Us?

To join we need a completed application , your social security number, all your bank account numbers, all your pass words to all your critical data and $1,000 up front. Ok Ok, so all you really have to do is show up and be accounted for!
Just a suggestion from someone who never has paper, pen or a good memory: Bring some form of contact information to pass to others so we may stay in contact through the years. Business Card, return address lables, last years income tax papers etc.